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ONEderful WORLD gathering

Nov 3rd-6th, 2022

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

~ Buckminster Fuller

At this critical point in human evolution, ITS TIME to create a

Sadhguru, the wise Indian mystic recently said,

"Today we have the technology, whereby at the touch of a button we can get a message out globally.
However - reality is such that 70% of internet traffic is porn and the top 3 industries are arms, pharmaceuticals, and tobacco and alcohol.
So what are we going to do? Wage war against that? No no no......

We have to build a world so beautiful they all want to come.

ONEderfulWORLD is.......

An Invitation To An Initiation

A Collaboration And Co-Creation

To Expand Into Love Together…

And Restore Harmony On Earth

As We Celebrate The New Model

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Calling all disruptors, earth guardians, musicians, healers, artists, visionaries, entrepreneurs, permaculture designers, ethno-botanists, engineers, chemists, trailblazers, misfits, storytellers, geniuses, creatives, podcasters, transformers, mystics, film-makers, nerds, shamans, elders, indigenous people, futurists, quantum physicists, culinary innovators, farmers, hypnotists, ex-bankers, community builders, authors, star-seeds, light-workers, teachers, dreamers, astrologers, mathematicians, psychonauts, philosophers, dancers, comedians, jugglers, actors (we are all the star of our own movie)… And all others who understand the power of uniting in love to visualize, co-create, celebrate and birth a at this critical moment in human evolution. 

We invite you to collaborate with people on the leading edge of consciousness and together let’s transcends all frontiers. Internal and external.

An experienced film crew will create 60 mins of content during the gathering of the event to share with people around the world who are in the process of awakening.

We will weave into it, the concept of ONENESS and how everyone can create their own ONEderfulWORLD and understand what it is to be fully alive. The content will be beautiful, transformational and transcend all frontiers with the goal of healing the planet. TOGETHER we will reach millions of people. Why not billions? No limits. Let’s think BIG and infinite possibilities. We are co-creating with source - the best partner possible.

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Reasons to Collaborate,
Co-Create and Celebrate

  • Experience a ONEderfulWORLD and connect deeply with highly creative co-creators

  • Breathtaking performances

  • Commune with Mother Nature like never before, a vital step for our evolution

  • A deep dive into divine masculine and divine feminine

  • Uncover and understand natures codes and symbols hidden in plain sight

  • Magical music, workshops, and dance

  • Gourmet meals

  • Spend 3 days in a truly magical setting with no noise or light pollution, a perfect place for relaxation and revitalization

  • Powerful galactivations for higher dimension living

  • Story Telling

  • Trail-blaze with some of the most innovative eclectic creators on the leading edge of consciousness

  • Ice baths

  • BE immersed in the NOW as you play in child-like innocence

  • Be featured in a conscious movie with global reach

  • Expansive healing experiences of the deepest kind

  • Stunning sunsets

  • OMazing Yoga, sound baths and breathwork

  • Opportunity to share your gift with participants and those who will see the film- this could be millions of people

  • Extend your family with advanced souls

  • Be part of the mass awakening and leave a legacy of love for future generations

  • cOMe hOMe to OM surprise



Ventucopa, California, An Oasis In The Desert, In The Heart Of Nature.

(25 Minutes from Santa Barbara)


NOVEMBER 3rd to 6th, 2022

Some people may have become used to 5 star living, as they have forgotten the beauty of the elements and the importance of our connection. Reconnecting to nature brings healing and harmony and immeasurable gifts of all kinds. A Cielos glamping experience is inestimable. We have all possible solutions for any perceived challenges. This is true and pure luxury!

Do you hear the call? A big shift is happening and we can all feel it. Everything is accelerating including our human evolution and our DNA upgrades are enabling us to connect to and step into our full potential as well as deepen our understanding of who we really are and what we really came here for. THIS IS AN EXCITING TIME TO BE ALIVE. There is a lot at stake. It’s vital that we not only survive but thrive through the pains of the birthing process. External forces are at work and we must stay awake and aware and blaze a strong trail of light - individually and collectively. This is it. The time is NOW.

3 Day Pass to a

  • Breath-taking performances

  • Trailblazing with conscious innovators

  • Galactivations

  • Giving and sharing

  • Soul blowing unique workshops

  • Ice baths

  • Healing and expansive experiences

  • Gourmet meals

  • Play with superstars with superpowers

I want to bring my own tent

I prefer to come in my RV

I Prefer To Glamp


Tent prices do not include general admission tickets. Tickets must be purchased separately
All ticket sales are FINAL. No refunds or credits. Tickets are transferable.

To join the OW movement, sign up here to join our global community

28 Outrigger Street, Marina del Rey, 90292, California

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