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ONEderful WORLD gathering - Nov 3rd-6th, 2022

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

~ Buckminster Fuller

At this critical point in human evolution, let’s create a

The time is NOW...

An Invitation To An Initiation

A Collaboration And Co-Creation

To Expand Into Love Together…

And Restore Harmony On Earth

As We Co-Create The New Model

Calling all disruptors, earth guardians, musicians, healers, artists, visionaries, entrepreneurs, perma-culturists, engineers, chemists, trailblazers, misfits, geniuses, creatives, podcasters, transformers, mystics, film-makers, nerds, shamans, athletes, elders indigenous people, futurists, quantum physicists, culinary innovators, farmers, hypnotists, ex-bankers, authors, star-seeds, light-workers, teachers, dreamers, astrologers, mathematicians, psychonauts, athletes, philosophers, dancers, comedians, jugglers, actors (we are all the star of our own movie)… And all others who understand the power of uniting in love to 

visualize, co-create, celebrate and birth a ONEderfulWORLD, 

at this critical moment in human evolution. 

We invite you to collaborate with people on the leading edge of consciousness and together let’s transcends all frontiers. Internal and external.

A film crew will create 60 mins of content during the gathering of the event to share with people around the world who are in the process of awakening to what a ONEderfulWORLD can look like for all of us.

If you have a powerful message, ritual, gift, music, teaching or other to share, at the gathering this is our opportunity together to share it with millions of people, why not billions?

Reasons to

Collaborate, Co-Create and Participate

  • 2 days of co-creating heaven on earth aka A ONEderfulWORLD.

  • Play with the leading influencers in making huge change in the world at this critical time

  • Be part of a 60 mins film that you can share with your tribe. The content will be so soul blowing that everyone will want to share it around the globe.

  • Benefit from the aggregate of those who will share this with their tribe and extend your exposure by doing so.

  • OW is about empowering each other together as ONE.

  • Build relationships with collaborators of this event.

  • Create new systems.

  • Re connect with nature and the elements in a spirit of child like innocence to expand fully into love together as we align with the rhythms, sacred geometry and perfection of nature.

  • Be part of birthing the NEW ONEderfulWORLD and what is about to emerge.

  • Each person who attends this event is already creating helping humanity rise but never has there been an event like this to unite a committed  group of world changers in the heart of nature to see what we can create together. 

  • Help ignite global brilliance and ONEness.



Ventucopa, California,

An Oasis In The Desert,

In The Heart Of Nature.

(25 Minutes from Santa Barbara)

We picked Cielos as the location for ONEderfulWORLD for its socially conscious atmosphere so the participants are immersed in an experience that is transformational bringing together like minded souls devoted to creating a ONEderfulWORLD.


NOVEMBER 3TH to 6th, 2022










General Admission

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  • Gourmet meals

  • Workshops

  • Healing experiences

  • Networking

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