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by Condora 

It’s not about 

Red or blue 

Black or white

Wrong or right

Straight or gay

That’s just another way 

To divide humanity

It’s pure insanity 

To those who know 

That colour and creed 

Are indeed

No reason for adversity 


A wealth of diversity 

An opportunity 

To face 

And embrace 

With grace 

Our differences 

Our preferences 

And see 

That we 

Are all drops 

In a sea

Of humanity 

Parts of the whole 

That collective soul

That needs healing 

Through feeling 

Our way

Each day

As we pray 

And connect 

And infect 

The world 

With our patience

Our passion

Our compassion

Our vitality

Our humility 

Our simplicity

Our nobility

Our commonality 

Our duality.

Our unity

Is what makes the organism

An orgasmic


After the Implosion 

Of ego and pride

Cast aside

In ALL areas of our life. 


Is the assignment

To reveal

The real 

You and real me

The WE 

We were designed to be

Reflecting each other

So magically

As we celebrate 

The mushrooms 

And toads 

The ants 

And the plants

The birds 

And the bees

The animals 

And the trees

That breathe out

What we inhale 

And breathe in 

What we exhale

I marvel 

At the symbiosis 

The osmosis 

And the gnosis 


Divine nature

Internal and external

Fleeting and eternal



The beyond. 

Once we let it be

And claim 

Our sovereignty 

For We are free


and collectively. 

As we allow life force 

Guide us back to source 

The law of attraction 

And guided action 

Lead to manifestation 

Where collaboration

And co-creation 

Replace competition 

That’s the mission.

In a world of duality 

Let’s create a reality 

Where you and me

Understand that we 

Are family 

We are ONE. 

Let US together create 

A ONEderful world! 

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